Essendon FC – Jamie Cooper Team Of The Century Essendon Print

Essendon FC – Jamie Cooper Team Of The Century Essendon Print


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Essendon Team Of The Century

In the locker rooms at Windy Hill a magical moment is revealed. Some how a time machine in the form of a painting has brought the 25 greatest bombers together for one moment in time that must be every Bomber fan’s dream.

They mingle together and discuss the issues … well what would John Coleman be saying to Matthew Lloyd? Some pointers on how to kick a flat punt? Lloydy is all ears. Two great ruckmen in Simon Madden and Bill Busbridge shake hands and also have plenty to say. Whilst all this goes on TD does what he does best … sits back and enjoys the moment with a can or two.

The king Dick Reynolds is front and centre standing proudly amongst the family of which is the spiritual leader. Voted by the fans as the number one bomber of all time.

Reg Burgess was said to be a quiet and disciplined man. Always immaculate he sits in the corner and polishes his boots with a black and white striped rag!

Mark Harvey opens his locker to reveal a bottle of peroxide and a pair of famous lime green pants that he sported in the 80’s. A young Timmy Watson stretches on the floor along side Michael Long who reads a paper with headlines that bring memories of that “long” day back in 1993. There is also an article on Martians and seagull sightings at the MCG. Jack Clarke holds a footy record which he used to sell as a kid at Windy Hill. A brownlow hangs in Wanganeen’s locker and is that a bomb on top of the locker in the top right hand corner?

Jamie Cooper Team Of The Century Essendon

  • Artist Proof from Jamie Cooper’s Personal Collection
  • Approximate framed dimensions 420 x 1000mm