Michael Jordan Signed Nike Wings Unframed Print

Michael Jordan Signed Nike Wings Unframed Print


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In the 1980s and 1990s, Nike’s impact on popular culture exploded through the roof thanks to memorable products and promotional campaigns inspired by its top basketball spokesperson, Michael Jordan. One of Nike’s most enduring productions from the height of the Air Jordan era is its famous “Wings” poster of the Chicago Bulls legend. Upper Deck brings back this classic poster with a new twist: Michael Jordan’s autograph.

  • Inked by M.J. in black pen, the autograph stands out impressively on the 72” wide x 23” high black-and-white print.
  • Complete with its original details: the vintage Nike logo
  • Includes following iconic quote from the poet William Blake: “No bird soars too high, If he soars with his own wings.”
  • Jordan’s signature is guaranteed authentic through Upper Deck Authenticated’s five-step process.

Upper Deck Authenticated®
Autograph forgeries make victims out of unsuspecting fans. In 1992, Upper Deck Authenticated® became the first company to find an answer to the forgery problem by creating an airtight five-step authentication process that assures fans are getting genuine autographs. Today the company has autograph relationships with many of the game’s biggest stars and produces some of the finest sports memorabilia in the North American market, and Official Memorabilia is proud to extend access to Australia’s astute and discerning memorabilia community.


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